Supervisors' Training Testimonies

The benefits of the A.C.E. curriculum are two-fold.  Through A.C.E., I envision the Lord helping me not only to educate and prepare children to thrive in this present world, but most importantly to be heirs in the Kingdom to come.

My childhood can be traced to a small village in the country of Cameroon, West Africa.  There was no strong foundation in my academic life.  As I grew older, I faced many difficulties in this area.  Due to this, I decided to make a difference for my children….A.C.E. can help me give a strong academic foundation to my children.

Even though I came across several curricula in the last 15 years, I was never as excited as when I saw the A.C.E. curriculum….My goal in the next few years is to establish schools in several parts of India that use the A.C.E. program.

During the last 16 years, I have come to deeply appreciate the benefits of using the A.C.E. curriculum and methods to train young people to know, love and enjoy God.  My wife and daughter are graduates of the very school God has allowed me to supervise all these years.  Shortly after training, my family and I will be going overseas as educational missionaries to Guam.