Educators' Workshop

ABCs with Ace and Christi: Laying the Foundation

Mrs. Gail Magee

The ABCs supervisor provides a student with the necessary tools to build a strong academic and spiritual foundation for the remainder of his individual learning! Join us in this session as we explore the preparation and administration of this delightful program. You will be instructed, encouraged, and inspired as you see how God can use you to help each student reach their full potential for God!

Creative Ways to Memorize Scripture

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

Do you have students who struggle to memorize their monthly Scripture passages? In this session, you will learn fun and creative ways to help them hide God’s Word in their hearts by using individual and group activities.

Crisis Management: What To Do "If"

Mr. Steve Dawson

The majority of educators are not adequately trained to deal with a crisis. Knowing what to do can be the difference between calm and chaos, courage and fear, and life and death. Today a fire escape route and fire drills are not enough. Would your staff know what to do “If”?

Beyond Limitations: Ministering to the Needs of Each Child

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

Each one of us, in one way or another, has a mind that has its own specialties and its own frailties. Because each child is unique, we use a variety of strategies to address diverse student learning needs and limitations. Child-centered learning is individualized, specialized, and distinctively aimed toward each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Individualization: Divine Design

Dr. Dell Johnson

Quality Christian education is achieved through an individualized program. The A.C.E. program utilizes God’s principle of divine individuality in learning. See how individualization emphasizes God’s principle, and assists educators to help every student maximize their learning potential.

When Grief Comes to School

Mr. Steve Dawson

The words “children” and “grief” seem to contradict one another. However, death is a reality of life faced by everyone, regardless of age. This workshop will equip school staff with resources and information necessary to help them in assisting their students properly grieve when those times of loss come.

Plan the Work and Work the Plan: Academic Projections

Mr. Wayne Musson

Principals and supervisors are invited to explore the process of preparing high school students for graduation. This starts with a proposed “Academic Projection Toward Graduation.” This form should be used as a tool to help the student, parents, and school staff in charting the course to fulfill graduation requirements.

Confront Conflict with Courage

Mr. Steve Dawson

When conflict between staff members or staff members and parents is handled in a respectful and positive way, it provides an opportunity for growth, ultimately strengthening the bond between two people. Keep personal and professional relationships strong and growing by learning the skills needed for successful conflict resolution.

Understanding Staff Children

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Sandy Dawson

Virtually every Christian school has students who are related to staff members. They could be sons or daughters, grandchildren, or younger siblings. This workshop is designed to offer suggestions so that these “staff children” are seen as the blessing and opportunity that they are.

Math: When They Don’t Understand

Mr. Steve Dawson

This workshop will show the supervisor how to help children at all levels understand key mathematical concepts using practical demonstrations, tips, helps, and explanations. An explanation from a different approach or using an illustration or a manipulative will often cause the student to say, “Now I understand!”

Sensational Children: Sensory Processing

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

Sensory processing is an issue for children with several categories of special needs: sensory processing disorder, anxiety disorder, ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, and OCD. We will study the effect this has on the child and some practical ways that we can help children overcome the challenges of this limitation.

Raising Josephs in a Samson World

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

We live in a world full of Samsons: men who do not pray, who refuse to live by God’s Word, and who are motivated by greed and lust. Sadly, these traits are now glorified in our culture. What are the traits we should emphasize in the training of our sons? How can we prepare our boys to make the right choices to become strong, Godly men like Joseph?

Raising Esthers in a Jezebel World

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

Our girls are increasingly being bombarded with the world’s view of what a millennial woman should be. How can we protect them from this secular perspective and train them to be a Godly influence in our world?

Developing Character in Your Students

Mr. Roger Cole

Children are often encouraged to grow up too early, without Biblical character. The A.C.E. program provides opportunities to mold character in young people’s lives. In this workshop, staff learn unique and simple ways to instill Christian character in students to be successful as citizens and Christians.

Breaking the Homework / Scoring / Homework Cycle

Mr. Dale Owens

In this workshop, we will be looking at a growing issue in any Learning Center—the student who continually has homework and creates a vicious cycle that seems to be never-ending. We will hear practical ideas on what causes this cycle and how to break it.

Brain Dominance: It's Not a Closed Door

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

It is so easy to fixate on the things that we find difficult. We can help our students come to a place where they do not define themselves by their limitations but by God’s overcoming power.

Why Do We Have to Learn This?

Mr. Steve Dawson

Every A.C.E. supervisor is asked this question at some point by students who are frustrated with their academic work, such as sentence diagramming or algebra. This workshop will give you solid, educationally sound answers.

Swap Shop: Great Ideas for Your School

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

This session will be full of creative ideas collected from seasoned supervisors from around the globe. Come glean fresh ideas for motivation, fundraisers, field trips, service projects, academics and more!