Educators' Workshop

Developing Character in Your Students

Mr. Roger Cole

Children are often encouraged to grow up too early, without Biblical character. The A.C.E. program provides opportunities to mold character in young people’s lives. In this workshop, staff learn unique and simple ways to instill Christian character in students to be successful as citizens and Christians.

Breaking the Homework / Scoring / Homework Cycle

Mr. Dale Owens

In this workshop, we will be looking at a growing issue in any Learning Center—the student who continually has homework and creates a vicious cycle that seems to be never-ending. We will hear practical ideas on what causes this cycle and how to break it.

Brain Dominance: It's Not a Closed Door

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

It is so easy to fixate on the things that we find difficult. We can help our students come to a place where they do not define themselves by their limitations but by God’s overcoming power.

Swap Shop: Great Ideas for Your School

Mrs. Sandy Dawson

This session will be full of creative ideas collected from seasoned supervisors from around the globe. Come glean fresh ideas for motivation, fundraisers, field trips, service projects, academics and more!

Why Do We Have to Learn This?

Mr. Steve Dawson

Every A.C.E. supervisor is asked this question at some point by students who are frustrated with their academic work, such as sentence diagramming or algebra. This workshop will give you solid, educationally sound answers.