CEC Testimonies

I always enjoy the rich teaching from the staff at A.C.E.

This conference has opened my eyes to a whole new mind-set of how I can train,
learn, and motivate not only the students but coworkers and myself as well.

Thank you for fresh, new topics. I was excited as soon as I saw
the workshop schedule on the computer.

I really appreciate the staff of the Convention always being on top of current events—doing their research so they can communicate with knowledge, understanding, and, most important, truth.

I always appreciate the willingness and helpfulness that is displayed by
all the A.C.E. staff. Also, the availability year round is much appreciated.

The General Sessions were very helpful and uplifting.
The Lord really used them to challenge and encourage.

Thank you for the emphasis on the truth of God’s Word.

I enjoyed the fellowship with other Christian educators.