About Supervisors' Training

Why Supervisors' Training? 

Because training is so important to the success of any organization’s educational ministry, Accelerated Christian Education offers Supervisors’ Training at convenient locations around the United States. Conducted by A.C.E. representatives, these summer training sessions are held in Learning Centers and are conducted using A.C.E.’s time-proven procedures. Supervisors' Training is designed to:

  • Equip those who will have daily responsibilities as the supervisor of a Learning Center in a school using the A.C.E. curriculum and program.
  • Refresh those with Learning Center experience.

The A.C.E. Supervisors’ Training program has built a reputation for providing the instruction, inspiration, and encouragement needed for the Learning Center staff to anticipate each new school year. It is offered to the supervisor and the Learning Center personnel from schools with a Ministry Service Agreement and those pursuing a Ministry Service Agreement. The power-packed sessions are designed to achieve four very practical and realistic goals:

  1. Empower—to give you the tools you need to do your job more effectively
  2. Encourage—enthusiastically motivate you to do your best for Christ
  3. Engage—to connect you with the individuals you will need to know when issues inevitably arise
  4. Enlighten—to highlight the various services and products offered by A.C.E. as we co-labor in the ministry of Christian education

Our goal in the Training session is to glorify the Lord. To show deference to the many different denominations that will attend and host our Training sessions, please come dressed in conservative business attire. Gentlemen, please wear dress shirts, slacks, and ties (suit jackets are optional). Ladies, please wear modest knee-length dresses or skirts and blouses. In order to minimize distractions, please note that no children are allowed in the Training sessions. No child care is available.

An official A.C.E. Leadership Training Certificate is issued upon completion.


A non–refundable $65 registration fee is required to reserve a seat in a Supervisors’ Training session. Seating is limited in all locations, so advance registration is mandatory to guarantee a Training seat. Registration for all Training sessions will close when all available seats are filled or on the prior Friday at midnight. A seat is not reserved until payment has been made. Please do not make any travel plans until you have a reserved seat in the Training session. 

For more information, please call 1-800-925-7777 (option 5).


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